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Program Overview

Over the past year, we've learned a tremendous amount about the unique challenges and rewards of online music education and socially-distanced outdoor singing. After extensive research and experimentation, we're delighted to present a carefully designed spring semester of UGC featuring a broad array of activities to challenge, empower, and inspire our choristers in ways that none of us could previously have imagined.

Our curriculum this semester emphasizes individual skill building and broadening one's musical horizons with activities such as personal vocal coaching, musicianship and ear training instruction in close-knit "SisterPods", and exposure to a wide variety of musical styles, such as classical, pop a cappella, musical theater, and traditional folk songs from around the world! Solo and group performance opportunities include online recitals and virtual choir projects for all choristers as well as outdoor concerts (as circumstances permit) for those who choose to enroll in the adjustable hybrid format.

As always, our goal is to enable our choristers to realize their full potential as musicians, leaders, and human beings in a supportive environment that is both challenging and fun!

Online "Solo Recital"

& "Group Performance" Options

Choristers will have opportunities to showcase their individual progress in solo videos


and this lighthearted VIRTUAL GREETING CARD:

All choristers will also appear in GROUP PRESENTATIONS like this one, which was created during our recent Holiday Harmony session:


The following workshop(s) will be offered during this session:


Want to learn a cool pop song arrangement? Join us on April 26 for a fun-filled session with some special guests from an awesome college a cappella group! We'll explore amazing close harmonies like the ones in this performance by U-Conn's Rubyfruit, featuring our very own alumnae, Linda and Audrey:


Would you like to compose your own song and explore differences between classical composing and popular songwriting? We've got you covered on May 13!



Curious about how Bulgarian choirs produce the unique tone quality demonstrated in the video below? Join us on May 24 to find out more about this unusual vocal technique and learn an authentic Bulgarian song!!!


Want to try your hand at conducting and strengthen your leadership skills? On June 11 you can get valuable training, inspiration, personal feedback, and coaching from experienced conducting instructors!


Workshops provide preliminary exposure to a range of subjects so that choristers can discover new areas of interest. In-depth courses and programs in some of these topics may be offered through our ChoralKeys division for students who wish to delve deeper into a given field.

Format Options & Schedules

We understand that these are strange times and that everyone has unique needs and concerns related to health and safety. We're committed to offering individual families as much flexibility as possible, so we're continuing to offer two format options -- online-only and adjustable hybrid.




Choristers in the online-only format will have access to the following remote-learning activities, all of which can be enjoyed from the comfort and convenience of home, and all of which include both synchronous and asynchronous participation options (a video recording of each session will be made available afterwards):

•Online rehearsal sessions (song learning, ear training, musical games, social activities, and instructions for choristers to record their own individual audio and/or video tracks for virtual choir projects)

•Choral education presentations and interviews featuring UCS faculty and renowned special guests!

•UCS Virtual Concerts (Video Presentations).




Choristers enrolled in the adjustable-hybrid format will have access to all of the remote learning activities listed above PLUS the following optional in-person activities:

•Socially-distanced and masked outdoor rehearsal and song-sharing sessions at various regional venues.

•Potential outdoor concerts later in the semester (if and when circumstances permit)

Register / Audition

Please contact us today at for information on how to register (if you have already auditioned) or to schedule a live or online audition at your convenience.

We'd love to hear from you!

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